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Royal Scribblings

EmpressVesica's Fic Archive

EmpressVesica's Fic Archive and Fandom Journal
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Welcome to empressvesica's fanfiction archive and fandom journal!

Basically this community was born of a slightly obsessive need to have all my writing in one place. I post to too many communities and sites, write in too many fandoms, to keep track! Now, they are all in one handy dandy place!

If you are curious about what's posted around here, check out The Tag Listing or My Fandoms in Pictures.

My main fandoms are BtVS/AtS and Harry Potter...but my Muse and attention span are equally fickle so who knows what I will be writing six months from now!

I have gone back and forth on how to handle the more “age-sensitive” things I write from time to time and finally decided to just say this right up front.

This community regularly contains posts rated R or M or NC-17. By joining or watching this community, you are asserting that you are of legal age to read these materials under the laws of wherever you live.

Put more simply – let’s not get anyone into trouble. Now, back the fic!

* Custom Moodtheme drawn from the lovely orchidicons' two SGA moodthemes (one with the guys, one with the gals).

Recent Awards (Click on the pics to go straight to the fic)

Older Awards live HERE.