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Two for open_on_sunday Prompt 302

open_on_sunday Prompt: 302 - Box
Author: Vesica
Word Count: 100
Set: Post-Season 8
Disclaimer: Not mine. I promise to put them back just like I found them when I'm done playing.

Title: Inheritance
Rating: PG
Characters: Faith/Giles (implied, sort of…)

InheritanceCollapse )

Author's Note: And since that was quite possibly most depressing 100 words I've ever written, I feel compelled to counter with something sort of naughty.

Title: Research
Rating: PG-13 (maybe)
Characters: Faith/Giles
Note: So about that Slayer Spike killed in China…

ResearchCollapse )

2009 Fic List


For open_on_sunday:
* Inheritance - PG - BtVS - Faith/Giles
* Research - PG-13 - BtVS - Faith/Giles

January Word Count: 200
Year-To-Date Word Count: 200


For oxoniensis's Porn Battle VII – The Seven Deadly Sins:
* Pilgrimage - R - A Room with a View - George/Lucy
* When Morning Comes - R – Fingersmith - Sue/Maud
* Quick Learner - R – The Thin Man - Nick/Nora

February Word Count: 1964
Year-To-Date Word Count: 2164



For drabble123:
* What You Are - PG – SPN - Jo

For tthdrabbles:
* Hot-lantis - PG-13 – BtVS/SGA - Faith/McKay

August Word Count: 1600
Year-To-Date Word Count: 3764


September Word Count: 0
Year-To-Date Word Count: xxx

Title: Bonus Ficlet for Five Times Dean Didn't Go to Hell (and one time he did)

Authors: empressvesica

Rating: R for language

Fandom: Pure SPN

Word Count: 880

Disclaimer: Not mine. Just borrowing the boys for a bit. We promise to put them back like we found them, only slightly worse for the wear.

Summary: Time six (or perhaps that would be 'sex') that Dean didn't go to Hell. Tie in with 1.13 – "Route 666".

Author's Note: Props to "The Simpsons" because one episode in particular totally spawned this ficlet.

Bonus Ficlet for Five Times Dean Didn't Go to Hell (and one time he did)Collapse )

Title: Five Times Dean Didn't Go to Hell (and one time he did)

Authors: wildecate_alt & empressvesica

Rating: PG-13

Fandom: Pure SPN

Disclaimer: Not ours. Just borrowing the boys for a bit. We promise to put them back like we found them, only slightly worse for the wear.

Summary: The title's pretty self-explanatory, but in case it's not – Five ways Dean might get out of his deal and what might happen if he doesn't.

Authors' Note: We often joke about sharing a braincell which would neatly explain why things sent to each other for beta so often become writing tags. Also, it will be amusing to see if those of you familiar with either of our writing styles can suss out which bits were penned by which of us.

( Five Times Dean Didn't Go to Hell (and one time he did) )

Title: Break Free, Petaline
Author: Vesica
Rating: G
still_grrr Prompt: 065 - Mothers
Characters: Petaline

Author's Note: This turned out to be the perfect storm of Petaline's character, Asian symbolism and the reality of how lotus flowers bloom.

Break Free, PetalineCollapse )
Title: Orange Blossom Queen
Author: Vesica
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1, 816
still_grrr Prompt: 064 – Faith, Kate, Zoe
Characters: Kate
A/N: Sort of surprised I ended up writing Kate for this…Even more surprised at where Kate wanted to go with this.

Orange Blossom QueenCollapse )

Drabble for open_on_sunday

Title: The Me Inside
Author: Vesica
Rating: PG
open_on_sunday Prompt: 267 - Force
Word Count: 100
Characters: Faith/Giles
Set: Post Series
Disclaimer: Just a bit of mucking about in other people’s sandboxes
Author's Note: Do we ever really grow out of this or is that younger us always there inside, putting on a brave face and hoping no one sees through the lie?

Slayer. Warrior. Force of Nature.

But right now, unsaid words pricking her tongue, she's just a girl – too pretty for the weirdos, too weird for the pretty kids; early bloomer with a chest twice as big as her ability to deal with the leers; who barely remembers home before the parade of booze and men.

Her fear sour in the back of her mouth, she can't see.

That right now he's just a boy – awkward in a uniform too large; eyes too old for his face; who cries at night, ashamed how badly he wants to run from his destiny.


*dial tone*

I'm sorry, the Empress you've dialed is temporarily incapacitated. Please hang up and try your call again later.

This fic just broke me. I don't know what to say without this turning into a giant overshare, but YES! This is just what it's like sometimes. Sex can (and frequently should) be - all wonderous and scary and sacred and timeless and reverent.

Go read. I have to go cry some more. Yes, I'm serious. I just - I'd forgotten how deeply I felt that it should be like this and now there's this whole jumble-tumble of memories of when it was...Just go read.

three o'clock dandelion time
By oxoniensis
[Supernatural, Sam/OFC, adult, 1,634 words, pre-series.]

(side note: there should be something more than fic recs posted here soon. My Muse is pulling a Lady Lazarus - thank goodness.)

Just some lovely Fic Recs

Do any of you actually read these? I'm paranoid sometimes and go look if anyone I recognize commented after me…because comments are love and all…and I'd hate any of my flist to be bad mannered enough to read and not say something…so I assume no one reads these…and yeah. I'll shut up now.

Ves' #1 OMG, Drop Everything and Go Read this Rec:

Third Wheel Keeps It Upright (1/3) - R – Supernatural/My So Called Life
SUMMARY (and I quote): There's this guy, right? And he's got this car. You HAVE to see them. Like... together, or whatever.

(YES! My SO CALLED LIFE! Rayanne/Dean. Seriously – you don't have to know diddly about SPN to adore how perfect the Angela voice is in this. Also, I miss My So Called Life. It was one of those shows that was on at just the right time in my life…Also – Jordan Catalano. Seriously.)

* mynuet wrote a darling Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day ficlet over HERE.

(It's sweet and totally spot on for these characters plus it makes imaginary Ciaran Hinds run around in my brain which is always fabulous. Also – you should all go see this movie immediately.)

* Lovely, Dark, and Deep - Pg-13 – Faith/Giles by sahiya

(The title perfectly sums up this fic. Wonderful glimpse at these two and a take I've never quite seen before. This fic made me look at this pairing in a new way and those of you that know me know that's saying something.)

* Gifts from Charing Cross Road Part 1 and Part 2 - Fantastic Gen Faith and Giles fic by tessarin

(tessarin gets extra points for not telling me to get bent when I got all frothy about offering to beta and then wibbling that I was being a jerk. Also – if you love this one (which you will), it's nominated over at this round of Bodice Ripper Awards so maybe you should vote once voting opens. And yeah, some of my stuff might be nom'ed over there too…You know, while you're there.)

And now a few from picfor1000. I am trying to be a better ficcer – not just in my writing but in balancing that with some community participation when I can. Writing is one thing but I think it's important to read and review. And WOW am I glad I did. Some real gems, in some really unusual fandoms, here.

Ves' #1 Must Read:
* Interpreted Languages by thedeadparrot- PG - Heroes/Stargate Atlantis (Micah-centric)

(If you know both fandoms, just think about that one for a minute. Now wonder why no one had thought of this yet and, if you write, spend a moment berating yourself that YOU didn't realize how AWESOME sending Micah to Atlantis would be. Now go read. *shoos*)

* Clear View - Gen Nero Wolfe fic

(If you know Nero Wolfe and read fic, you've already clicked the link since finding any Nero Wolfe fic, let alone GREAT fic, is like finding a diamond in your morning cornflakes.)

* Paved with Good Intentions - Constantine (the movie)/Supernatural

(Spoilers through 3x11 – Mystery Spot. Which yeah – should give you a damned good idea where this one is going. I'm now extremely miffed we will never get this on-show because it would be f'in awesome.)

* Family Share Plan - PG-13 – Supernatural/X-men

(Yeah, so Rogue's absorby power. What if the little bit of folks started talking to each other? Seriously – just go read.)

* How to Succeed At Exhibitionism without Really Trying - R – Torchwood – Jack/Ianto

(Yes, she reads slash. This one had me at the title – but it didn't disappoint from there. Because, really, who didn't know that Jack's totally kind of evil?)

* Road Work - PG – Sam and Dean

(Note that "and". Yeah, I'm looking at you SPN-fandom. Enough with the incest already. Fics like this, on the other hand, remind me why I bother to click random links. Funny and pitch perfect voices for the boyos.)
Title: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Andrew?
Author: Vesica
Rating: PG
Fandoms: BtVS/SGA/SG-1
Word Count: 200 per chapter
Disclaimer: Just a bit of mucking about in other people's sandboxes. None of these characters are mine – lucky for them!
Dedication: To jedibuttercup on the occasion of her birthday and for all her hard work and dedication in Mod'ing TtHDrabbles.
Summary: Why you send him off, along with Faith, to represent the Council's interests in the Pegasus Galaxy of course! A very silly series of double drabbles written for TtH Drabbles and more than a few FFA pairings. Crosses with SG-1 and SGA.

~Jump to Part I~

tthdrabbles Challenge: #056 - Proverbs

Read more...Collapse )

tthdrabbles Challenge: #054 – Seven Virtues

Read more...Collapse )

tthdrabbles Challenge: #059 - Oops

Read more...Collapse )

tthdrabbles Challenge: #068 – Giving Thanks

Read more...Collapse )


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