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Hot-lantis - BtVS/SGA - PG-13 - Faith/McKay

Title: Hot-lantis
Author: Vesica
Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: BtVS/SGA
Word Count: 200 per section (1400 total)
tthdrabbles Challenge: #88: Beating the Heat
Characters: Faith/McKay, Zelenka
Disclaimer: Just a bit of mucking about in other people’s sandboxes. I promise to put my toys back like I found them.
Summary: It's already hot in Atlantis with the air not working but Faith decides to make her own heat anyway.

Author Note's: Set sometime after the events of Three to One, because the only thing more entertaining than Faith challenging Rodney to a skills throw down is the two of them torturing the rest of Atlantis with gratuitous PDA.

1. Stuffy
Faith returned from off-world to find Atlantis had turned into a hot box that made third world jungles look inviting.

Faith saw Zelenka fiddling with master controls in the Gateroom and asked loudly, "Don't tell me McKay broke the city again?"

There were a few snickers, the loudest coming from Zelenka himself. "Not quite, though his projects gone wrong are usually much easier to fix than this."

He paused, searching for an explanation that would make sense to someone other than him. "With the heat, the systems overloaded and the city shut down all non-essential systems."

"Like the A/C. Great." Faith sighed. "Oh well, at least I can go take a cool shower."

Zelenka frowned. "Um…no water either."

"You've got to be fucking kidding," Faith said with a growl, scaring one of the younger recruits who slowly inched away from her. "How long?"

"It's been down most of the day already." Zelenka tapped at the tablet PC in his hand. "Perhaps another seven, eight hours?"

"I. Don't. Think. So." Faith's growl turned into a more of a snarl and the recruit actually squeaked as she stormed off.

Zelenka snickered. He had a pretty good idea where she was headed.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

2. Sultry
Halfway to the lab, Faith was roasting in her uniform. She made a quick detour to shed some layers, which helped. Barely.

"McKay, what kind of second-rate brainiac are you? Zelenka said everything's been off most of the day!"

Rodney scowled at his computer screen. "Oh yes, because yelling at the guy trying to fix it totally makes things go faster."

Faith ignored him and flopped into the nearest chair, grabbing a stack of papers to fan herself. "Just fix it already." Her voice neared a whine. "It's hoooooot."

"Thanks for the news flash. I hadn't noticed." Rodney didn't even look up. "And put those down."

The heat was making Faith even crankier than usual. "Make me."

Rodney looked up, ready to launch into yet another "interfering with brilliant, world-changing research" speech, only to come to a full stop.

Faith was leaning back against Zelenka's desk, her tiny gym shorts exposing a long expanse of tanned, taut leg and her tank top clinging to her sweat drenched skin. "I..Uh…"

Zelenka walked into the lab and immediately clapped his hands over his eyes. "Ugh – some days I wish I were blind."

He peeked through his fingers. "And get off my desk!"

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

3. Steamy
"Prude," Rodney grumbled half under his breath.

Zelenka shuddered. "You were sprawled across my desk having your way with each other."

"Z, you need to get out more. That was barely second base," Faith teased.

Zelenka glared and she held out a cup of ice. "Sorry we 'scarred you for life'. I brought you ice…"

He accepted it begrudgingly and returned to his work. The problems caused by the initial power surge were mostly fixed but the system still wouldn't switch back to full power. "Perhaps the surge damaged some wiring…"

Rodney snapped at Zelenka, his face alight with a sudden idea. "And it's got to be wiring coming out of one of the power stations. There's just not enough power – Eeeeeeek!"

Rodney let out a blood-curdling scream. Zelenka jumped and half his cup of ice landed in his lap.

"You! You dumped ice down my shirt!" Rodney spluttered, wriggling and hopping from foot to foot.

Faith just grinned, flicking the ice cube she was sucking against her teeth with an audible click. She caught the cube between her teeth and shrugged. "Just trying to help…"

Zelenka sighed, "You were saying."

Rodney just stared at Faith. "I have no idea."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

4. Sweltering
"This better be it," Rodney grumbled, opening the door to Power Station 4. Atlantis had six stations, spread across the city, and it was a long hike between.

Rodney took a quick glance inside the control panel and "Ah ha!".

"That's good?" Faith asked, leaning against the large metal pillar that dominated the room. She let out an 'eep' as her bare shoulder touched the metal. "McKay, come feel this!"

Rodney didn't even hear her. He radioed Zelenka and made quick work of replacing the bundle of fused wires.

"What were you - " He turned as Faith peeled off her tank top and pressed herself against the pillar.

A blissful smile spread across her face. "It's cold."

Rodney pressed his palm against the metal. "Huh. It must run the entire height of the city, all the way down to the outer shell. It's conducting the cold from the ocean."

Faith snuggled against the pillar. "Don't care how. It's wonderful."


Zelenka walked into Power Station 4 only to turn and walk right back out.

Rodney and Faith were both topless, arms stretched around the central support pillar, hugging it like a long lost friend.

No, he didn't want to know.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

5. Scorching
Faith tried to explain about the pillar, but Zelenka kept insisting he didn't really want to know.

It only took a few keystrokes to start the diagnostic that should have everything back online within the hour. "Done!"

Rodney, meanwhile, had turned his prodigious intelligence to more important matters. "I wonder if there's any ice cream left."

"Nope," Faith said sadly. "I checked when I went for ice."

"Didn't there used to be a secret stash over in the botany lab?" Zelenka asked.

The padlock was no match for Faith and the door was barely open when Rodney reached in and snatched an ice cream bar.

Faith grabbed one for Zelenka and herself. "Geez, McKay. You miss lunch or something?"

"And breakfast," Rodney nodded, taking a huge bite. "Mmmm…coffee."

Faith looked at her bar. Vanilla. "What if we wanted coffee?"

"Can't," Rodney mumbled between bites. "Mine."

Faith's eyes narrowed. "Oh really?"

With a speed Zelenka often forgot she had, Faith grabbed Rodney's hair, yanking his head back and crushing her mouth to his.

When she pulled back, she licked her lips and smiled. "Mmm…coffee!"

Zelenka ignored them in favor of ice cream.

Monkeys. It was like working with barely trained monkeys.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

6. Searing
The three of them were sitting around the lab, feeling the sugar rush slowly fade when something Faith had said clicked with Zelenka.

"I have an idea for while we wait for the city to power up. But," he warned, "there's a condition."


Faith rolled her eyes at Zelenka as she cautiously stuck her toe in the water. "I can't believe you're making me swim in my clothes. You two are in your underwear."

Rodney waded into the shallows of the bay formed between the arms of two of Atlantis' many piers and sighed happily. The water was even cooler than the pillar and it felt like heaven. "Faith, you're barely wearing anything as is."

"True," Faith shrugged and fell into the water with an impressive splash. "Oooh! McKay – I'm leaving you for Radek. This was true genius."

Zelenka smiled happily, floating on the water's surface. He was surprised more of the city's occupants hadn’t thought to go for a swim.

Faith popped up in front of Rodney, splashing him. He splashed her back and Zelenka calmly paddled out of range.

They were still monkeys, possibly rabid monkeys, but he had to admit that monkeys did have a certain charm.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

7. Sizzling
By the time they'd finished their swim, Atlantis was back online. The air had cooled enough the trio was nearly shivering as they reached their quarters.

They paused at Rodney's door and, after a sharp elbow to the ribs from Faith, Rodney mumbled his thanks to Zelenka for his help.

Faith waved goodbye and stepped into the cool dark of their quarters. "It's sad when I'm the one with manners."

Rodney flipped on a light in time to glare as Faith flopped, still dripping wet, onto the couch.

"So, big week. I managed, once again, to not get killed off-world and you broke the city."

"I did not break the city," Rodney protested.

"Uh huh, sure." Faith brushed ineffectually at the huge wet spot around her. "At least it's finally cool enough…"

"Cool enough for?"

"A proper welcome home." Faith tossed her tank top at him. "Better be a good one, because they might not let me leave again. Not if you go and break the city."

Rodney glared, but Faith just smirked, heading for the bedroom. "And then the ice cream? You owe me."

"Owe you? Owe you what?"

"Oh, I have some ideas. It was a LONG week…"



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Aug. 14th, 2009 06:08 pm (UTC)
*grin* Lovely series of drabbles, fun pairing, and nice use of both the pairings, and Zelenka. =)

Favorite bit:

> Zelenka walked into Power Station 4 only to turn and walk right back out.
> Rodney and Faith were both topless, arms stretched around the central support pillar, hugging it like a long lost friend.
> No, he didn't want to know.
Aug. 14th, 2009 09:45 pm (UTC)
I approve.
Jul. 1st, 2010 04:03 am (UTC)
As always rocking my socks woman!
Jul. 1st, 2010 02:11 pm (UTC)
Thank you, dear!
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